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Advantages of Buying a Unique Condo

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a Unique Condo The main reason people prefer a unique condo is because they appreciate something that has a bit of character. People want to come home to something different, and living in something you love is important. There is no shortage of boring, cookie-cutter style boxes to live in Vancouver, but for people like us, that's just not going to cut it. Luckily I am happy to say that after researching every building in the city, there are A LOT of amazing unique properties out there. The problem is that when they come… Find out more

What is a Unique Condo?

Are you looking for something completely different?  Looking for a Penthouse with not only a spectacular view but with a unique multi-level floor plan or a Large out door space?   We offer one-of-a-kind unique condos in Downtown Vancouver and the following surrounding areas: The West End and Coal Harbour, Downtown Vancouver West and East, Yaletown, False Creek and Fairview Slopes, Mount Pleasant East and West.  Connect from place to place using our network of skytrain stations using the  Millennium Line and Expo Line within Vancouver. Unique Condos Are Unlike Any Others We hand pick every day the most unique and rarest of condos and post… Find out more